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UESA achieves its mandate by organizing technical conferences, by publishing the periodicals "Ukrainian Engineering News" and "Bulletin TYIA" and by maintaining a library of Ukrainian technical books and periodicals. In addition, UESA has also published several books, among them: an "English-Ukrainian Dictionary" by Anatole Wowk, "Outline of American Patent Law" (published by the Chicago chapter), "The Conquest of Interplanetary Space" by Yurij Kondratiuk and the collection "Ukrainian Engineer" (published by the New York chapter).

Among the major technical committees within UESA are the "Ukrainian Technical Terminology" and "Technology and economics in Ukraine" committees.

UESA has worked closely with the Ukrainian Technical Society of Canada, organizing international conferences. The Society has also been an active participant in Ukrainian coordinating councils, such as the Conference of Academic Societies, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and the World Congress of Free Ukrainians.

UESA and its member branches were active in helping to raise funds for the establishment of the Ukrainian Studies chair at Harvard University.

Members of the Society also actively participate in various academic organizations, such as the Shevchenko Scientific Society, and Ukrainian Free Academy of Science, as well as in community organizations such as the Ukrainian Institute of America, the United Ukrainian-American Relief Committee and the Society for the Patriarchate of the UCC. A large number of the Society's members are active in the Ukrainian youth organizations, Plast and SUM, as well as in athletic organizations.

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