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The Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America recognizes that searching for a new job is difficult no matter who you are. Whether you recently graduated, just emigrated to the States, or are looking for a change of scenery, you need to deal with the "employment system"

The first step in beginning you job hunt is to explore your "network" of personal contacts. You should collect a business card from each person you meet. The "six degrees of separation" principal states that you can reach anyone in less that six calls/references. Each person you know, knows someone else who knows someone else etc. It's a big circle that can be used to your advantage. One of the great things about UESA is that it is a collection of colleagues from your professional field and associated field. It's an automatic network.

Although there are many books that cover the "employment system," the book titled "Ask the Headhunter: Reinventing the Interview to Win the Job" by Nick A. Corcodilos has some common sense pointers which will not only help a person hunting for a job but will also aid a company sell to a client. Mr. Corcodilos defines the following six items as being key to "interviewing:"

  1. Insiders have the best shot at a job
  2. The real "matchmaking" is done before the interview
  3. The interview is an invitation to "do" the job
  4. The employer wants to hire you
  5. The employer wants you to solve problems profitably
  6. You will win the job by solving the "problem" during the interview.

In summary, these points stress that finding a job boils down to effective networking and communication. You need to network in order to create the matches between "employer" and "employee." You also need to show employers that your skills will help the company's "bottom line." An employer wants to know that the net result for hiring you will be to increase his profits.

We hope these few comments that we have provided will serve as a useful starting point in your job hunt. We have also included some Internet Web links which may contain useful information. As always, comments are welcome.

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