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2000 Plenary Meeting

UESA Headquarters

The meeting included Executive Committee Reports from the UESA Chairman, Treasurer, Ukrainian Engineering News Editor, the Web Page Chairman, and the UESA Anniversary Book Committee.

The members in attendance also discussed planned objectives for the coming year including a review of the membership lists, organizational objectives, publishing objectives with repect to the Engineering News, the UESA Bulletin, and the UESA Anniversary book. The members also discussed whether or not to become members in the Ukrainian Institute of America.

The discussions, which were lively, addressed some of the following issues:

  1. The Treasury will attempt to reorganize the flow of membership dues while maintaining compliance with the UESA by-laws. The new sequence will send a listing of Chapter members to each Chapter and a letter regarding dues owned to each UESA member. The members will pay both their national and chapter dues to their local chapter. The local chapter will then retain 40% of the funds and send the remaining 60% to the National Chapter. It is hoped that this circular route will provide an adequate means of checks and balances to ensure that all members are up to date.

  2. The membership feels there is a need to take a more aggressive stance on the development of new membership. Currently the membership can be divided into three categories: 1) members from the generation that first formed the organization in the 1940s 2) young professionals that have been raised in the States and are either in school or in professional practice and 3) newly arrived professionals from Ukraine. It was pointed out that there are large numbers of both American born young professionals and newly arrived professionals which are eligible to join the organization.

  3. The membership discussed the needs of newly arrived professionals. It was pointed out that many professionals from Ukraine need assistance in learning how the "American Employment System" works. Guidance on items such as how to structure and compose a resume or on how to conduct an interview were mentioned as being beneficial. The possibility of having a seminar on such issues was raised. Finally, the UESA web site will attempt to address these needs in a new "job hunting" section.

  4. The effectiveness of this web site in relation to print media was discussed. It was felt that in addition to Internet based news, it is necessary to provide a paper based newsletter on the basis that not everyone may find the web site convenient or has internet access.

  5. It was pointed out that the UESA web site has been redesigned to attempt to serve as a "value added" service to the membership. Participation by outside Chapters, however, has been limited. It was again stated that the Chapters are encouraged to submit news items to the web site and to participate in the UESA mailing list.

  6. Distribution of the "Engineering News" in relation to membership dues was discussed. It was decided that members who have been inactive for more than 3 years will not receive the publication unless their dues are brought up to date.

  7. It was noted that only the New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Buffalo Chapters responded to the request for information on Chapter activities and membership list updating.

  8. There was also a discussion regarding the extent to which the organization would help Ukraine. It was decided that the organization should provide assitance from a professional and advisory point of view and not a financial one.

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