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Ukrainian Professionals Address
Rutgers Ukrainian Students Club

On December 5, 2000 the Ukrainian Students Club at Rutgers University held a banquet to listen to presentation by Ukrainian professionals in the "real world." Both the Ukrainian-American Professionals and Businesspersons Association (UAPBA) and the Ukrainian Engineers Society of America (UESA) were represented at the event.

Rutgers University Banquet

The UAPBA was represented by Dr. Bohdan Vitvitsky and Mr. Leonard Mazur. Dr. Vitvitsky is the founder and current vice-president of the UAPBA and Mr. Mazur is the organization's current president. According to Dr. Vitvitsky's presentation, the UAPBA tries to "bring together different people with a common interest of working for the community. Past events which have been organized by UAPBA have included conferences on "Doing Business in Ukraine" and "How Western Media Covers Ukrainian Topics." Dr. Vitvitsky also noted that instead of limiting itself to only Ukrainian speaking individuals, the organizations welcomes people who are of Ukrainian decent or have married into a Ukrainian family. Finally, Mr. Mazur, in his comments, stressed that the UAPBA is always looking for young people to bring innovative ideas. Recent college graduates and immigrants from Ukrainian have new perspectives which will benefit the growth of the organization.

Another portion of the evening's agenda included a presentation by the New York and New Jersey chapter presidents of UESA. In addition to speaking about UESA's history and main objectives, Mr. Andriy Wowk spoke about the organization's current efforts to improve communication among its members. Currently UESA is working hard to develop its website and e-mail discussion lists to establish a "clearinghouse for information" which will help alleviate the communication problems created by geographic distance. Mr. Wowk also discussed the possibility of creating a UESA student chapter at Rutgers

UESA's presentation was continued by New York chapter president Mr. Alexander Salewycz. Mr. Salewycz spoke of the importance of attending UESA events and meetings in order to "network" with fellow Ukrainian professionals. Mr. Salewycz spoke about the various social events which the society has sponsored such as ski trips, the Philadelphia Debutante Ball, and the annual New York City Christmas Yalynka.

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