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2001 Philadelphia Debutante Ball
By Metodij Boretsky
Reprinted from the Ukrainian Weekly - May 27, 2001

The 47th Engineers' Ball of the Philadelphia Branch of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America (UESA) was held on Saturday, February 10, here at the Park Hyatt Hotel. This year's ball included the presentation of debutantes, a banquet and a ball to the music of the Tempo orchestra.

2001 Philadelphia Debutante Ball

After the cocktail hour, Borys Zacharczuk, head of the Philadelphia Branch of the Ukrainian Engineer's Society of America, opened the event and greeted the guests gathered in the hotel's grand ballroom. He also introduced the master of ceremonies, Stefan Bilyk

After the formal opening, nine debutantes and their escorts were presented:

  • Natalia S. Hud and Pavlo Mulyk
  • Alexandra R. Bida and Mykola Pylyp
  • Natalka C. Kuzla and Orest Ivanytsky
  • Nataliya C. Prociuk and Adrian Korduba
  • Yulya Wenderwort and Adrian Oryshkevych
  • Stefan A. Homyk and Roman Hankevych
  • Christina A. Porter and Gordon Justice
  • Alexandra G. Harkins and Dmytrij Vosnij
  • Lida P. Pastushak and Jaroslaw Dobriansky

The debutantes and escorts were greeted by Mr. Zacharczuk and introduced by the master of ceremonies. Mr. Zacharczuk congratulated each debutante and pinned ribbons on them with the assistance of Jaroslava Halaw. The committee consisting of Ms. Halaway, Andrea Kalyta, Marijka Cyhan, Marusya Cyhan, Oksana Povzaniuk and Volodymyra Povzaniuk prepared the debutantes for the presentation ceremony.

After the debutantes' presentation, the dinner began with an invocation delivered by the Rev. Orest Mychajliuk. About 250 people attended the dinner and more than 500 persons enjoyed the dance held afterwords.

The committee that organized the 2001 Engineers' Ball was composed of Mr. Zacharczuk (chairman), Osyp Nimylovych, Dr. Larysa Zaika, Ihor Kovaliv, William Kaminsky, Ira Stefaniv, Volodymyr Horbovyj, Olenka Chabursky, Metodij Boretsky, Myron Bilas, Dr. Alexander Bilyk. Nestor Smolynets, Ivan Tymchuk and Petro Shtompil.

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