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2001 First Annual
Fall Zabava in New York City

The first annual Fall Zabava in New York City took place this weekend at the elegant home of the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City. The event was sponsored jointly by the New York & New Jersey chapters of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America, the Metro New York chapter of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, the Ukrainian Institute of America.

The event was a complete success with over 140 guests coming from as far away as San Francisco and Montreal. The evening's entertainment was provided by the orchestra "Luna." Guests danced to the early hours of the morning. By all accounts, everyone had a splendid time and is looking forward to next year's zabava and to the upcoming year of mutual cooperation among the sponsoring organizations.

Board Members of Sponsoring Organizations

Pictured above (from left to right) are board members of the sponsoring organizations: Roman Goy MD, Ariadna Czartorysky MD, Yurko Kryzaniwsky MD, Marco Shmerykowsky PE, Arthur Hryhorowych MD Lesia Kushnir MD, Luba Kos, Andrij Wowk, and Ihor Magun, MD
(Photo by Laryssa Wowk)

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