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The New UESA Media Initiative

As some people may have noticed, the November 18th issue of the Ukrainian Weekly contained a new column titled "Sci-Tech Briefing" which will be an occasional series on technical and scientific issues. The "premier" column contained an article on the structural engineering reasons behind the collapse of the Twin Towers as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks. This piece was originally published in the September/October edition of the NYC UESA Chapter Newsletter.

Sci-Tech Briefing Logo

In addition to providing current, relevant information about technical topics to the Ukrainian-American community, the column will serve to help publicize the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America by showing that its members are experts in contemporary fields.

One main objective of this general media initiative is to establish UESA as the main source for technical information on breaking news topics. For example, when an event such as the crash of a commercial airplane occurs, UESA should be ready to explain the technical points and theories on what would cause such a mechanical failure.

UESA encourages members to submit articles on contemporary scientific and technical issues to the National Board for inclusion in this new series.

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