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2001 General Meeting and Elections

The general membership meeting was held in New York City on Saturday, October 27, 2001 at the Ukrainian Institute of America.

Attendees of General Meeting

Pictured above are the attendees of the 2001 General Membership Meeting.

In addition to the election of Mr. Andrij Wowk as the new president of the national organization, the following members were selected for the Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Bohdan Gerulak, AIA
  • Mr. Andrij Hankewycz
  • Mr. Tymish Hankewycz
  • Mr. Oleh Holynskyj
  • Mr. Wasyl Kinach, PE
  • Mr. Jaroslav Olach
  • Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE
Photo of New Uprava Members

Pictured above are Dr. Lev Dobrjanskyj, the immediate past president of the National Organization, Mr. Andrij Wowk, the new president of the National Organization, and Board of Directors members Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE and Mr. Wasyl Kinach, PE.

The following members were elected to the Supervisory Committee:

  • Dr. Lev Dobrjanskyj
  • Mr. Petro Hrycak
  • Mr. John Shmerykowsky, PE

The following members were elected to the Judiciary Committee:

  • Mr. Wolodymyr Hnatkowsky
  • Mr. Leonid Pachaluk
  • Mr. Wolodymyr Magun

The meeting was opened by UESA President Dr. Lev Dobrjanskyj. After a Meeting Presidium was chosen, one minute of silence was observed for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City.

Next, Dr. Lev Dobrjanskyj presented the "Presidents' Report" for the past term. The report included the following items:

  • Computerization and verification of membership information has continued to take place during the past term. Currently, approximately 20 percent of membership information still needs to be verified.

  • The Jubilee (50th Anniversary) edition of the UESA's Ukrainian Engineering News (UEN) was published, thanks to the efforts of UEN editor Bohdan Gerulak, AIA. Electronic publishing of future issues of the UEN was proposed as a possibility.

Efforts have been made to improve the communication with the individual UESA chapters: Personal contacts with individual chapter members have been especially successful.

The following tasks were carried out with respect to "cooperation efforts with Ukraine"

  1. UESA financially supported the Lviv-based Technical News journal during the past term. To date, however, the Society has not received an accounting of how the donated funds were actually spent. Furthermore, it appears that some political articles have appeared in this journal. Resolution of this issue was not received from either Kyiv or Lviv.

  2. UESA financially supported the technical journal Zalizobeton with a donation of $450.

  3. A meeting was held with professors from Kharkiv. The discussions included the possibility of sending U.S. students to study in Kharkiv, and also students from Kharkiv to study in the U.S.

  4. One issue which has arisen is accreditation of Ukrainian specialists. It was proposed that a meeting with National Science Foundation (NSF) representatives may be helpful.

  5. UESA members took part in the general meeting of the Ukrainian Diaspora. Meetings were also held with graduates of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada.

  6. Washington, D.C. 'Synergy' conference in 1999, sponsored by The Washington Group - The UESA did not lose funds as a result of participating in this conference. Cooperation with future TWG conferences may be beneficial to the UESA.

There has been general approval and satisfaction with the work done to date with the UESA web site (www.uesa.org).

During the last term, the refurbishment of the UESA domivka (i.e. headquarters office) was performed. The domivka is located at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City. The refurbishment consisted of painting and floor refinishing.

Next, the Financial Report was presented by the previous term's treasurer, Mr. Andrij Wowk.

The largest source of income was dues payments by UESA members. Unfortunately, some branches are still failing to provide the required 60% of dues payments they collect to the UESA Executive Treasurer.

Next, a brief report was presented on the UESA Web Page by Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE. The report reviewed the current organization of the web site and noted that the amount of data has been gradually increasing since the site's launch. Plans for future work center on expanding the "News" section with updated information from the various national chapters.

Next, Mr. Bohdan Gerulak, AIA presented a report on the status of the Ukrainian Engineering News (UEN). He noted that there are problems related to the lack of appropriate materials and content for the UEN. Another issues is that the UEN is generally published in Ukrainian, but for many members Ukrainian is not their primary language. Finally, Mr. Gerulak suggested that copies of the UEN should be distributed among libraries in Ukraine. This was generally supported by the members present.

Following Mr. Gerulak's presentation, reports on Chapter Activities for the term 1999 to 2001 were presented by the Chapter president's in attendance.

  1. The report for the New Jersey Chapter was presented by Chapter President Mr. Andrij Wowk. Activities for the past term included a technical seminar on 'Communication in the Digital Age' which was held on November 4, 2000, a meeting with members of the Rutgers University Ukrainian Students Club at a banquet on December 5, 2000; the acceptance of three new members; the publishing of a chapter newsletter; and a meeting in Lviv with engineering students from the Lviv Polytechnic Institute on September 11, 2001.

  2. The report for the New York City Chapter was presented by Chapter President Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE. [Note: Mr. Shmerykowsky assumed the presidency as of 2001]. The publishing of a bi-monthly chapter newsletter has begun and three new members have been added. Planning is going on with UMANA for the holding of technical seminars and a possible joint conference in 2002, covering medical and engineering issues. Efforts at updating NY member information and dues collection are ongoing. A joint zabava with the UESA NJ branch, UMANA NYC Metro, and UIA is planned for November 10, 2001. Finally, the annual NYC Yalynka will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2001.

Next, a report on the UESA Commemorative Book was presented by Mr. Volodymyr Hnatkowsky. He noted that the materials for the book have been assembled. The material, however, still requires editing before the book will be ready for publication. Members agreed that a review of this project by the new executive board will be needed.

Next, a report was presented by the Supervisory Committee. The report was presented by Mr. Volodymyr Rudakewycz.

A protocol journal (collection of meeting minutes) was not provided by the Executive Board. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible, since meeting protocols are a historical document of UESA activities.

It was recommended that major domivka expenses (such as refurbishing costs) should be shared by both the Executive Board and the NY Chapter, which has a right to use this space for chapter activities.

The commission applauds such efforts at electronic communication as the UESA Web page, but feels that these methods cannot totally replace other forms of communication, such as newsletters, bulletins, press advertisements, etc.

Additional positive efforts have been the mailing of the UESA membership survey, and the centralization of dues collection notifications to members.

Next, a general discussion was held which addressed the following points:

Dr. Lev Dobrjanskyj assured the members that the issue of the missing meeting protocols, and collection of outstanding dues from UESA chapters, will be resolved as soon as possible.

It was proposed that completing the Commemorative Book should be done as soon as possible, and that an outside editor may need to be hired to finish this project.

Finally, a motion was made to discharge the outgoing UESA Executive Board. The motion was unanimously approved.

Once the election of the new Board of Directors was approved, the new president of the National Organization , Mr. Andrij Wowk, presented his Plan of Action for the 2001-2003 term. The Plan of Action included the following items:

  1. The Board would continue its efforts to update membership data and improve communication with branches and individual members.

  2. The Board will work to increase membership through branch initiatives such as:

    • Technical presentations
    • Social events
    • Joint events with other professional groups
    • Media advertisements and articles

  3. The Board will attempt to create and support student branches on the University level.

  4. The Board will investigate establishing new benefits, such as car rental discounts, for UESA members.

  5. The Board will continue further development of the UESA Web page.

  6. The Society will try to provide informational assistance to Ukrainian engineering students in Lviv, Ukraine.

  7. The Society will try to provide assistance to students and young/newly arrived Ukrainian professionals in the United States.

  8. The Board will continue efforts to publish the UESA commemorative book and new copies of the Ukrainian Engineering News.

  9. It was proposed during the ensuing discussion that the UESA also make contact with the Ukrainian physicists' organization (Washington, D.C. branch) for possible joint events.

The proposed UESA budget for 2001-2003 is currently under development, and will be released to the membership as soon as it is completed.

Next, the election of a new Nominating Committee was undertaken. The following members were elected for this committee:

  • Mr. John Shmerykowsky PE - Committee Head
  • Mr. George Bazylevskij - Member
  • Mr. Jaroslav Kryshtalskyj - Member

The last items to be discussed were various member initiated proposals. These proposals included the following topics:

  • It was proposed that the merging of the New York City and New Jersey chapters should be explored.

  • It was proposed that additional membership levels be introduced. These new membership levels would include "associate members" and "student members." Associate members would be professionals who work in affiliated fields but do not possess technical degrees. It was noted that most professional organizations maintain such a membership level.

  • It was proposed that the issue of centralizing all dues collections through the Executive Treasurer, rather than through the chapters, be revisited.

  • It was suggested that the by-laws be modified so that mailed ballots contained a clause which would state that a lack of response to a ballot would be interpreted as a vote in-favor of a ballot item.

  • The above proposals would require amendments to the UESA charter. Consequently, mailing ballots to all current members to approve such amendments may be required, as specified in the charter.

    Finally, a motion to close the general meeting was made, and unanimously approved by those present.

    [The minutes of the General Meeting were recorded on October 27, 2001 by Mr. Oleh Petrenko and Mr. Andrij Wowk]

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