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2001 New York City Yalynka

As in past years, the New York City Chapter of the Ukrainian Engineers Society of America together with the Ukrainian Medical Association, and the Ukrainian Institute of America, held its annual "Yalynka" . The event took place on Saturday evening, December 15, 2001 at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City.

Ukrainian Institute of America

Over 160 people attended for an evening of holiday cheer. The evening began with a traditional Christmas Nativity play prepared under the direction of Dr. Ihor Magun with assitance from Lesia Baranetsky. The narrarator for the play was Ms. Larissa Hyrn. The vocalist for the play was Ms. Larissa Magun-Hyrn.

Upon the conclusion of the program a few short words were spoken by Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE, the president of the New York Chapter of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America and by Mr. Andrij Wowk, the new president of the National Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Engineers Society of America.

Group Photo

Pictured above are board members of UESA, UMANA and the UIA: (top row - left to right) Mr. Water Nazarewych (UIA), Mr. Wasyl Kinach PE (UESA), Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky PE (UESA), Mr. Andrij Hankevych (UESA), Mr. Anrij Wowk (UESA) (middle row) Mr. Alexander Salewych (UESA), Dr. Ihor Magun (UMANA) (bottom row) Dr. Marta Kushnir (UMANA), Dr. Lesia Kushnir (UMANA)

After the program, the guests were invited to enjoy a hot buffet and refreshments. Members and friends celebrated the holiday cheer into the early hours of the next morning. To see a photo gallery of evening's festivities, click here.

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