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2002 Chicago Debutante Ball

The annual Chicago Debutante Ball was held on February 2nd at the Chicago Hilton and Towers Hotel. The Ball was sponsored by the Ukrainian Vetinary Medical Association, the Chicago Chapter of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America (UESA), and the Illinois Branch of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA).

After the formal opening, the following debutantes and their escorts were presented: Areta Ljubicic with escort Markian Skirnyk, Tanya Skubiak with escort Daniel Baluch, Renata Hulyk with escort Markian Gorchynsky, Katherine Sidelnik with escort Jeremy Hrynewycz, Annette Sosenko and with Lukash Markewych, Areta Kovalsky with escort Daniel Proczko, and Natalie Holovaty with escort Roman Kashuba.

2002 Chicago Debutantes

During the dinner which followed the presentation of the debutantes, the guests were greeted by the head of the Ukrainian Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Ihor Jastrembsky, the president of the Chicago chapter of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America, Mr. Roman Byskosh, and the head of the Illinois chapter of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, Dr. Bohdan Charkewycz.

After the greetings by the sponsoring organizations and chapters, the national president of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America, Mr. Andrij Wowk, had the opportunity to congratulate the debutantes on behalf of the national board and to briefly speak of the 2002 Summit of Ukrainian-American organizations. Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE, the national vice president of UESA, was also in attendance at the event

To see a selection of photographs from this years' event, please click click here. The photos were provided courtesy of Mr. Andrij Wowk.

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