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2002 Philadelphia Engineers' Ball
by Metodij Boretsky - UESA Philidelphia Chapter President

The 48th Engineers' Ball of the Philadelphia Branch of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America (UESA) was held on Saturday, February 9th, at the Park Hyatt Hotel. This year's ball included the presentation of Debutantes, a banquet and a dance to the music of the Tempo orchestra.

After the cocktail hour, Metodij Boretsky, head of the Philadelphia Branch of UESA, opened the event and greeted the guests, especially Metropolitan Stefan Soroka and the head of the executive board of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America, Mr. Andrij Wowk. Mr. Marco Shmerykowsky, PE, national vice-president of UESA and Mr. Oleh Holynskyj, the national treasurer of UESA were also in attendance. Mr. Borestsy also introduced the master of ceremonies, Dr. Volodymyr Karpynych.

After the formal opening, the following eight debutantes and their escorts were presented: Natalia Hanusia Soroka with Alexander Bezushko, Diana Shcherba with Mychajlo Radano, Larysa Natalia Kostrytska with Eryk Rizanov, Chrystyna Oksana Hud with Ron Hankevych, Irena Zarichna with Alexander Knihnytskyj, Alexandra Maria Fedorichuk with Mychajlo Dmytro Blahyj, Oksana Lasovska with Antin Durbak and Maria Nestor with Oleh Stupen.

Phillidephia 2002 Debutantes

The debutantes and their escorts were formally greeted by Mr. Boretsky and introduced by the master of ceremonies. Mr. Boretsky congratulated each debutante and pinned ribbons on them with the assistance of Iryna Kinakh and Jaroslava Halaway. Andrea Kalyta, Maria Cyhan, Mausia Cyhan and Ms. Halaway prepared the debutantes for the presentation ceremony.

After the debutantes' presentation, the dinner began with an invocation deliverd by Metropolitan Soroka. About 300 people attended the dinner and more than 500 persons enjoyed the dance held afterwards.

The committe that organized the 2002 Engineers' Ball was composed of Mr. Boretsky (chairman), Larysa Zaika, Marta Shyorykevych, Ihor Kovaliv, Wasyl Kaminsky, olenka Chaburska, Wolodymyr Horbovyj, Myron Bilas, Mychajlo Komanovsky, Orest Hanas and Petro Shtompil. In addition, Mr. Horbovyj, Bohdan Turcheniuk, Ms. Zaika and Mr. Kaminsky assisted the ball committe.

To see a selection of photographs from this years' event, please click click here. The photos were provided courtesy of Mr. Andrij Wowk.

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