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Obituary - Ostap Balaban

It is with deep sadness that we pass along the news that UESA member Ostap Balaban has recently passed away. Mr. Balaban was born on May 3, 1918. He completed his professional studies in mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Danzig, Germany.

After his arrival in the United States in 1949, Mr. Balaban worked in the Dzus Fastener Company under Mr. Dzus, the founder of the Ukrainian Institute of America. Later he went to work for General Food in their Research and Development department. He holds several patents and is held in high professional regard.

Mr. Balaban was a long time member of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America and was among the founding members of the organization. He was president of the national organization during the years 1954 and 1955.

Mr. Balaban gave donations to many educational and community causes such as the the Ukrainian Institute of America, Harvard, and the Ukrainian Museum. Mr. Balaban also appreciated fine art and was a collector of Ukrainian art and literature.

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