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Small New Jersey overhead crane dealer makes big difference in New York City Transit Authority Iron Shop

New Jersey Chapter UESA member and president of Moye Handling Systems, Yaroslaw "Russ" Chelak, recently contributed to New York City's wide spread efforts to rebuild after the World Trade Center Tragedy.

Moye Handling Systems, a Somerville, NJ dealer and installer of overhead hoist and crane equipment, donated a $70,000 overhead crane to the New York City Transit Authority, in honor of the terrible tragedy suffered at the World Trade Center nearly a year ago. In the process, Moye pretty much revolutionized operations at the facility.

"Not enough can be said of the terrible loss New York City suffered on September 11, 2001. We provided the specified crane at no cost, to fulfill our need to 'do something' in the face of this atrocity," said Russ Chelak. "In all likelihood, it will be used to help rebuild the subway infrastructure destroyed in the disaster."

Moye Handling installed a Demag 5-ton capacity ZKKE model crane in NYCTA's Tiffany Street Shop in the Bronx, the iron shop which fabricates the structural steel used throughout the New York City subway system.

Transit Authority representatives were somewhat stunned during the bidding process. Competitors questioned the validity of their bid, when Moye's bid for the job was $70,000 lower than the next lowest bidder--exactly the wholesale value of the equipment being donated. Indeed, Moye's bid included only labor and shipping costs required to complete the installation. As the oldest and largest Demag dealer in the northeast US, Moye was able to negotiate a special arrangement with Demag, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to its design simplicity and ease of maintenance, Demag has provided more overhead cranes to NYCTA than any other manufacturer.

Moye's installation included the 5-ton, double girder top-running overhead crane, with an LED load display and radio remote control. The new Demag crane sizably increases productivity at the Tiffany Street shop, without the need to hire electronic technicians to maintain the crane.

Demag has provided more cranes to NYCTA than any other manufacturer, largely due to its heavy-duty performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. Twenty are currently in operation at NYC Transits' Coney Island Overhaul Shop, North America's largest subway repair facility. All of them were installed by Moye. Daryl Lucas, maintenance superintendent at the site, attributes reduced maintenance to Demag's design.

Minimizing maintenance and downtime at the Tiffany Iron Shop will prove especially important once the monumental task of rebuilding the subway infrastructure in downtown Manhattan begins.

Robert Brady, Senior Director of NYC Transit's Department of Subway Maintenance, thanked Moye profusely for their donation. Chelak and his company modestly admit, "We're proud that in some small way, we can be part of rebuilding the City of New York."

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