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Shirts & Books

UESA is happy to make the following items available:

  • UESA Polo shirts - These white shirts are 100% Cotton and are emblazoned with the "blue and gold" rocket logo of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America. To download an order form, click here

  • Current Edition of Ukrainian Engineering News - The Ukrainian Engineering News is the journal of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America. It contains articles on scientific and technical issues. The journal contains a mix of articles written in either the ukrainian or english languages.

    To order a copy, send a check or money order for $5 (US) to the "Ukrainian Engineers Society of America" at 2 East 79th Street, New York, New York 10021. Members who have paid their dues, are eligible to receive a free copy.

  • English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Selected Terms: Science & Contemporary Technologies compiled by Anatole Wowk - This unique technical dictionary was published posthumously after the author's death in 1992, and has recently been made available in North America. Nearly 10,000 English words and phrases, representing American usage in science, technology and everyday life, are translated by the author into Ukrainian.

    Many Ukrainian words are listed in the traditional Ukrainian form that was in use prior to the official Soviet Russification policy of 1933, 1942 and 1960. The present dictionary is designed for practical use, especially by lexicographers, translators, scientists and scholars, teachers in higher educational institutions and persons interested in improving their skills in the two languages.

    The dictionary costs $15 (US) plus $5 (US) for shipping & handling within the United States. To order, send a check or money order for $20.00 made out to "Ulana Wowk", and your shipping address, to: Technical Dictionary, 72 Harding Avenue Edison, New Jersey 08820

    Dictionary Description & Ordering Information

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