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Scientific American in Ukrainian

The Ukrainian Federation of America in Philadelphia and the Shevchenko Scientific Society has funded a program to for a license which grants the right to publish a version of the American magazine Scientific American in the Ukrainian language. This magazine in Ukraine is known as Svit Nauky


The "base" version of the Scientific American magazine has been in publication for over 150 years and contains articles on the current developments in science and technology. It is currently published in 20 languages.

The Ukrainian edition of the magazine is produce to the same high standards as the English version in terms of paper quality, content, and graphics. Although the majority of each issues consists of articles which have been translated from the English version of Scientific American, approximately 1/5 of each issue contains articles by well known Ukrainian professionals.

Not only is this an interesting magazine for readers in Ukraine, but it also has value to members of the Ukrainian diaspora since it supports the Ukrainian language and provides insights into current Ukrainian accomplishments in science and technology. A subscription to the Ukrainian version, which is published every two months, costs $26.00 (US). To order a subscription contact:

Michael Komanowsky
544 Quail Court
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Tel: 215-641-0519
E-mail: komanows@hotmail.com

Checks or money orders for subscriptions should be made out to the "Ukrainian American Foundation - Svit Nauky"

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