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New Jersey Chapter Seminar on Digital Photography

On June 14, 2002, The New Jersey Chapter of the UESA, headed by Mr. Mattey Rakowsky, presented a successful seminar on the theory and practice of digital photography, at the Ramada Inn and Conference Cenetr in East Hanover, NJ. The goal of the event was to interest members of the community in a topic which is both technical and of practical interest to many.

The keynote speaker at the seminar was Mr. Ihor Lukiw, who displayed a depth of knowledge on topics including the concept of digital resolution, the differences between film-based photography and digital photography, and what to consider when buying a digital camera.

Digital cameras, he noted, have benefits over film-based cameras in the areas of cost (no film to buy) and the ability to see a photo immediately after it is taken. Whether taken with a digital camera or scanned from traditional prints, digital photos can also be edited and manipulated for creative and quality control.

The key to buying an approrpriate digital camera, Mr. Lukiw noted, is understanding what features are needed by the buyer, and which are available within the price range one is willing to spend.

Mr. Lukiw was followed by Mr. Andrij Wowk, UESA president and a member of the NJ chapter, who presented an overview of digital resolution and how it applies to manipulating and printing digital photographs. Comparing the individual components of a digital photo - known as pixels - to marbles in a box, Mr. Wowk noted that one must always keep the number of "marbles" in a photo in mind to achieve good image quality.

The final speaker of the day was Mr. Pavlo Mulyk, a student member of the New York City UESA chapter, who presented an overview of the popular image-editing program Adobe Photoshop. Mr. Mulyk gave a real-time demonstration of some of the capabiilities of this software, which include altering the size, resolution, color, contrast/brightness, and other characteristics of an image, as well as making a copy of (or hiding) part of an image.

Attendees at the event included UESA members and the general public, as well as one UESA Detroit chapter member who flew in especially for the event One satisfied participant, a member of the UESA New York City, called the seminar "the most interesting UESA event in the past 10 years".

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