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NYC UESA Lecture Series


"Water Resource Management: Theory and Practice in the Iraqi Reconstruction Project"


Dr. Eugene Z. Stakhiv, Chief of Planning, Policy and Special Studies Division of U.S. Army Corps of Engineersí Institute for Water Resources (IWR), and recent Interim Minister and Senior Advisor to Iraqís Ministry of Irrigation

Date & Time:

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
/Networking - 6:45 P.M.
Lecture Begins at 7:15 P.M


The Ukrainian Institute of America
2 East 79th Street
New York, New York 10021


General Public & Members - $5
Students - Free w/ valid ID

Additional Information:

Dr. Stakhiv has over 30 years' experience in regional and river basin planning, reservoir operations studies, ecosystem restoration studies, climate change and climate variability studies including: National Wetlands Mitigation Study, National Drought Management Study, Federal Infrastructure Strategy and Corpsí Shore Protection Study, National Shoreline Management Study, as well other policy studies dealing with a broad range of topics from acid mine drainage to zebra mussels. He has served as study manager for several large comprehensive river basin studies and metropolitan water supply studies, including Washington, DC and New York City, and currently co-directs a five-year $20M effort of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence Study Board.

As interim Minister in Iraq from April - August, 2003, Dr. Stakhiv managed 18,000 employees, 11 State-owned companies, and 5 State Commissions: including responsibility for 10 major dams, 22 large barrages, 271 pumping stations, generation of 2,500 MW of hydropower, providing irrigation water for 9 million acres, and delivering water to all the larger municipalities in Iraq. He was also responsible for reconstruction of 15 looted office buildings in Baghdad and over 100 district offices, emergency security for and replacement of pumps, generators and dam safety repairs and all warehouses; restoration of 3 marsh areas totaling ~ 50km2, and ecological baseline studies for 10 potential marsh restoration sites. Other projects managed by Dr. Stakhiv in Iraq include organization of Dam Safety Assessment teams, development of Tigris-Euphrates hydrological modeling, clean-up of irrigation and drainage ditches, transboundary water allocation agreements, provision of over $600M of much-needed equipment and instruments for environmental monitoring, establishment of a Commission for Integrated Water Management, a Center for Environmental Analysis, a Center for Hydrologic Analysis, a Water Control Operations Center, and development of a strategic plan for Ministry of Irrigation.

In addition to Iraq, Dr. Stakhiv also has extensive international experience serving as senior advisor to the water Ministries of Bangladesh, Ukraine, Armenia, and the Aral Sea Basin countries.

Dr. Stakhiv has a doctorate in water resources systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and is the author of over 100 published papers.

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