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2004 New York City Yalynka

As in years past, the New York City Chapter of the Ukrainian Engineers' Society of America, together with the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America and the Ukrainian Institute of America, held the annual New York City "Yalynka." The event took place on Saturday December 15th in the Ukrainian Institute of America.

The evening began with warm greetings provided by UESA New York City Board member Ivan Durbak. This was followed by a short description of the traditional Ukrainian Yalynka and poetry recitals by Orest, Maria and Olenka Kebalo. Upon conclusion of the recital, the children in the audience were invited to come up to the Yalynka to place ornaments on the tree.

The main portion of the program then followed with music and signing performed by the duet of Alla Kutsevych and Sergei Dushankivsky. Both Ms. Kutsevych and Mr. Dushankivsky had performed and the previous New York City Yalynka to rave reviews.

Ms. Kutsevych and Mr. Dushankivsky were also joined by the young duet of Lida and Gabriella Oros who have been seen entertaining the Ukrainian community at such events as the annual New York City 7th Street Festival.

After about an hours, the first act was concluded and the guests were invited to enjoy the hors d'ouevres and refreshments.

The food was once again catered by Mr. Wasyl Krawec of the Yonkers Miasarnia. Mr. Krawec has been preparing his excellent and varied menu for various New York City UESA Chapter events for many years. As always, his feast was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance.

After a short intermission period, the musical duets returned to provided additional entertainment. This was preceded by welcoming remarks by UESA's National President, Mr. Andrij Wowk. In addition to his welcoming remarks, Mr. Wowk outlined some of the future events and plans which UESA is making as it continues its push to revitalize and grow.

As the night continued, the Ukrainian Institute's hall continued to fill up as professionals, young and old, arrived together with their family and friends. New friendships and connections were made and old ones were reinvigorated.

As always, the die-hard Yalynka attendees had such a good time that it was nearly impossible to convince them that this year's event had to come to an end. On the bright side, however, the next UESA event is never too far away.

To see a photo gallery from the Yalynka, click here. (Note: The pictures will appear in a new browser window)

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