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Annual UESA New York City Seventh Street Festival Pub Night

On Friday, May 13th the New York City Chapter of UESA organized its third annual "Officially Unofficial Pub Night" at the Karpaty Pub on Second Avenue in New York City. The Karpaty Pub, as some of you may have already learned, is the reincarnation of the Lys Mykyta bar that served as a primary Ukrainian social meeting place for a number of years.

The event was called "unofficial" since banners or other advertising for the Society were nowhere to be seen within the establishment. However, the chapter was able to successfully utilize the Society's growing e-mail distribution list and other new electronic venues to get the word out that an event was taking place. From that point on the, the communiques spread by themselves.

The most interesting new avenue of communication among the Ukrainian-American Diaspora has become the Ukrainian Group Multiply web site ( ukrainian.multiply.com). This internet group was started shortly before last Labor Day weekend by a group of people who wanted to stay connected to their Ukrainian friends over long distances. Since Labor Day, the group has swelled to over 900 members. It played an important role in spreading information amongst the Ukrainian-American Diaspora during the Orange Revolution. Hopefully, the Society will be able to take advantage of this growing group to attract new members.

The fact that people were already in town for the annual Seventh Street Festival at St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church combined with the chapter's improved image with younger groups of professionals lead to a pub night which was almost as crowded as the pub night before the annual Chervona Kalyna Debutante Ball.

In short, the pub night was "officially" a success. The large turn-outs that the Chapter's Pub Night's generate has resulted in parties approaching us for sponsorship opportunities. We plan to investigate these options together with an expanded Pub Night Calendar.

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