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2006 End of Summer Mixer

For the past few years, the Chapter has been holding a “Fall Zabava” in one form or another. Every year the format would be altered slightly in an effort to increase attendance. Once year the food was fairly extravagant, the next year it was simpler. One year it was billed as a black tie event and the next it became a festival zabava

Every year, the Chapter’s Board has voted to keep the event alive despite the event’s barely break-even status. This year, we decided to take a different approach. We looked at the successful Yalynka and pulled out some elements that we felt would make a good social event.

Thanks to modern technology – a laptop and a cache of MP3 music files – we had a large supply of music. To this we added the open bar from Yalynka and a simple buffet prepared by Chef Andrij Sonovytsky of Soyuzivka.

The end result was what will we think will be an annual event from now on - the “End of Summer Mixer.” This year’s “End of Summer Mixer” was held at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City on Saturday, September 23rd. The crowd was light, but everyone that attended noted that it was a good mix of people. Most importantly – everyone had a good time.

I guess that as long as we can keep putting events together where everyone declares that they had a “good time” and are already looking forward to the next event, then we can’t help but pleasantly consider the event a complete success.

Next year we’ll tweak a few things. Add a little more traditional Ukrainian “zabava” music to the mix so that more people are encouraged to dance. We’ll also improve the advertising. For this first time “experiment” we restricted the advertising to on-line announcements via Multiply & e-mail. Next time we will additionally mail invite cards and post more flyers at various Ukrainian community locations.

It definetly appears at this point that there will be another annual event which will become a staple of the Ukrainian social scene here in New York City.

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